Engineers Without Borders - California Institute of Technology Chapter

To design and implement sustainable engineering projects that address pressing needs within underprivileged communities

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We are trying to fill up our coffers so that we can secure a good financial standing for the upcoming years and accompanying programs. If you have any ideas or opportunities that may be of any fundraising use to us, please let us know...

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Become a professional mentor

EWB-Caltech is currently looking for a few professional mentors to help us fully develop our spring source protection project in Ilam, Nepal. We would like to work with professional engineers who have good knowledge of the hydrology regarding such a venture.

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Community cooperation.

We've partnered with the Namsaling Community Development Center, a proven and reliable organization, to develop our spring source protection system in Ilam, Nepal.

More than just an engineering project.

Our program, in line with the overall Engineers Without Borders-USA mission, is to provide a sustainable and lasting program beyond our engineering guidance - this includes maintenance, monitoring, education, and direct community interaction.